About ADC

Organization and Offices

The Alaska Development Corporation (ADC) is a not-for profit corporation recognized by the State of Alaska with the principal office of the ADC located within the municipal boundaries of the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska.

Executive Director: Brian Holst, bholst@akdevcorp.org

Board of Directors:

  • Lauren MacVay, Chair
  • Rick Caulfield, Vice Chair
  • Mitch Jackson, Treasurer
  • Alec Mesdag, Secretary
  • Brandon Cullum
  • Mayor Ken Koelsch
  • Keith Comstock
  • Nadine Lefebvre
  • Steve Ricci

Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the ADC is to:

Promote sound and sustainable economic growth and diversification within the State of Alaska by providing information, education, and programs of assistance for businesses, agencies, law makers, and the public; and any and all types of activities not prohibited by laws which shall promote and foster economic growth.

ADC is a statewide organization affiliated with the Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) and, in particular, the STEM AK Program at JEDC.

The goals of the ADC shall include the following:

  • Increase the proportion of employment related to Alaska’s assets;
  • Increase the proportion of value added and import substitution products;
  • Facilitate the development of science and technology based companies in Alaska;
  • Improve and expand transportation related facilities to efficiently move people and the goods to, from, and within the state;
  • Provide timely and relevant demographic and economic information for prospective businesses and policy makers;
  • Facilitate communication between economic development groups; and
  • Work with the appropriate State and Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations regarding economic development in Alaska.
  • Advocate, promote and execute activities that promote education in support of a stronger economy in Alaska.

Economic Development Education

The ADC will work with community groups and other economic development organizations to respond to inquiries concerning development, diversification, expansion or relocation of business in Alaska, and all other inquiries relating to economic development opportunities in Alaska. The ADC will act as a vehicle for educating Alaskans on the necessity of a healthy economy with a talented workforce.

Juneau Economic Development Council

The Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) and the Alaska Development Corporation (ADC) have a formal collaboration agreement.  Most of the work of the Alaska Development Corporation is executed through staff at JEDC. JEDC is the affiliate organization for FIRST (international K-12 STEM robotics program) and Alaska Development Corporation is a major recipient of donations for STEM activities and a major contributor to JEDC’s FIRST programming in Alaska.